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   Age Group:





   Classroom Size:

       20-1 (Student to Teacher ratio)


   Class Schedule:

      2 Semesters available to coincide with traditional school          year

           *Fall (Life Skills): September - November

           *Spring (Leadership Skills): February - April

           *Tuesday & Thursday 5p-630p (In Class)

           *Monday & Wednesday 6p-730p (Virtual)


   3 Levels Offered:

      Beginning - Intermediate - Advance

           *Assessment is given at enrollment to determine the                 best fit

Recognition is Powerful
Each student will receive a Social badge and Certificate upon successful Completion of each session.
The YoungCEO curriculum is built to thoroughly cover the 3 most important topics missed by traditional education, but necessary for Creating Excellent Opportunites in life.  
Our Subject topics include and cover:

     Job Prep (Life Skills):

        Proper Dress, How to Interview, Creating and Updating a Resume, Proper Email Etiquette,                      Responsible use of Social Media, Creating and Leaving Voicemail Recording, How to                              Interview (questions to ask during the interview & how to respond to questions), Picking your                  References (the importance of), Overall Preparedness (researching the company and                              position), Post-interview follow-up, Customer Service (A-Z), and more.


     Leadership Prep:

        What is leadership, Types of leadership, How to be an Effective Leader Where You are,                            Identifying Leadership Mentors, How to Serve Under Leadership, How to Lead in a Meeting,                    Types of Executives, Public Speaking, Creating a Typical Organizational Chart, Presenting to                  Superiors, and more.


     Financial Prep (Life Skills):

       Setting up and Proper use of a Savings & Checking Accounts, Credit (importance of, how to build,           types of credit), Managing and Budgeting Money, Debt to Income Ratios, Types of Investments,               Currency Exchange, and more.




       $250 Semester ($200 Virtual Semester) Sliding scale also consider based on income

  Payment Plan:

       $200 per month for 3 months (includes $100 processing fee)


       $900 ($650 VS) for both semesters (must be paid in full, no arrangements)

  Gold Annual:

       $1275 includes Annual + 1 Summer Session  (must be paid in full, no arrangements)

  Platinum Annual:

       $2100 includes Annual + All 4 Summer Sessions  (must be paid in full, no arrangements)


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