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What is the Refund Policy?

If you/your child enrolls, you get a 2-day trial during which you can cancel at no penalty. After that, we don’t give refunds. See our full refund policy in our Terms of Use.

Can I Enroll in a Single Course?

NO! All of our courses are blended into the curriculum. You must enroll in at least a full semester for YoungCEO, or a single session if YoungEntrepreneur

Is Financial Aid Available?

No, we do not offer financial aid at this time; however, we do offer convenient payment plans for our YoungCEO program.  We also offer limited scholarships for qualifying individuals to help ofset the costs.

Will I Receive University Credit for Completion?

No, our courses and specializations do not carry official University Credits at this time; however, we do offer a certificate of completion at the end of each semester and summer session, those select Universities may accept in lieu of credit.  Check with the institution for confirmation.

How Long does each Semester or Session take?

Each semester is setup to coincide with the traditional school year: Spring Semester (September-December) and Fall Semester (February-May) Tues & Thurs 5p-630p.  There are 4 Summer Sessions that last 2 weeks each Starting in June and ending in July.  Please see Curriculum for potential changes and/or updates

Is there a prerequisite for enrolling?

No, our curriculum is split into 3 levels beginning, intermediate and advanced to ensure everyone can benefit from being a part of our YoungCEO or YoungEntrepreneur program.  A survey will be given in order to determine proper level.

What Resources will I Need?

Those attending will be supplied the necessary resources via physical copy or e-copy.  It is highly suggested that each attendee brings a new 5 subject notebook, laptop, tablet or some type of taking device.  It is also, highly recommended that each student has at least an email account, but would also greatly benifit from a Facebook account as well. *Teachers will assist with setting these up on day 1 if student does not already have them.

Is Parent/Guardian Approval Necessary ?

YES!  Due to the nature of the some of the information being taught and the access to the internet, parent and/or guardian approval is requried for any student under the age of 18.

Is there an Age Limit ?

YES!  Our curriculum is designed to assist age groups from 12-18 or 7th to 12th grade; however, some exceptions can be made for younger or older.

Will this Program Guarantee a Job or Successful Business?

NO!  We cannot guarantee success in any area.  Success is depended on the commitment level and application of each student, and reults may vary. 

Will Snacks be Provided during Classes?

NO!  We will not provide any food or snacks during our classes. There will be a lunch break provided during the Summer Sessions for YoungEntrepreneur only.  

How do I Apply for Scholarships?

To apply for a Leg-i-See Scholarship for either YoungCEO or YoungEntrepreneur

CLICK HERE. Restrictions do apply!

Will there be any Religion Taught?

The subject matter and purpose of the classes are not surrounding religion; however, Leg-i-See Christian University the parent company of YoungCEO, is a "Faith-Based" company and the classes are conducted inside a space operated by a non-denominational church.  Each class will open in prayer and will end in prayer, but it is not our intention to teach prayer. 

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