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Dr. Marcus L. Howard

Dr. Marcus Howard is a renowned visionary, award-winning author, coach, national speaker, creator of The Entrepreneur's Dictionary, founder of                 Leg-i-See Christian University, and past TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) host.   He has a tremendous anointing on his life to meet people where they are regardless of their background or the setting he finds himself speaking.


His unique ability to empower others to Control Outcomes And Create harmony in every area of life has caused Marcus to quickly become America's top Head C.O.A.C.H.


He has been known to be a creative innovator, challenging the notions of tradition by focusing on relevancy rather than routine and doing Kingdom business in a new vision way. He has a bold and candid delivery and a willingness to talk about tough subjects using unconventional methods.


Humble, hungry, and driven by his passion to give back and serve others especially our youth, Pastor Marcus continues to press forward to help others break the chains holding back their possibilities. He is determined to help your mind to S.E.E. (Self Encouraged Elevation). With over 20 years of public speaking, over 15 years of community and corporate leadership, he is well-respected among his colleagues, mentors, and vision partners for his commitment to accuracy and ability to motivate everyone from church, to school, to Corporate America.



Dr. Angela M. Howard

Author, coach, and empowerment speaker!

Angela Howard is the Co-Founder Leg-i-See Christian University and Executive Pastor of NewLife Training Center.

In addition to managing, supervising, and training effective corporate customer service teams; she has been called on by major organizations to coach and train the 9 characteristics of successful customer service.

Angela has also dedicated herself to studying and coaching the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and social processes and behaviors of individuals in relation to their journey to purpose.  Her professional and ministry experience, along with her personal journey has fueled her passion for edifying others.  Angela has an innate ability to entice confidence out of others, which has proven to be the much-needed push to commit to the roll-coaster ride called “Purpose!”

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