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The Leg-i-See YoungCEO scholarship is designed to assist young students in attending and participating in the YoungCEO and/or YoungEntrepreneur programs.  This scholarship is funded through the efforts and students of Leg-i-See Christian University.     


As a part of our "You Earn, They Learn" social entrepreneur initiative, for every badge they earn a scholarship is added for a young student in YoungCEO.   


Click Here for More info on "You Earn, They Learn"


This application is for a YoungCEO scholarship up to $500, which is to be used towards enrollment in an upcoming YoungCEO Semester or YoungEntrepreneur Session only.


The Student must be applying for an upcoming (within a 6 month period) semester or session in order to be considered.  An enrollment application must be submitted before or within 24hours of the scholarship application.  You may apply more than once for multiple semesters or sessions. 


Please remember that "not now," does not mean never.  Keep applying, as approvals are also dependent upon available funds for scholarships and available class space.

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