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   Age Group:





   Classroom Size:

       20-1 (Student to Teacher ratio)


   Class Schedule:

      (4) 2 Week Sessions that coincide with traditional school          year's summer vacation.


           *Monday - Wednesday 8:30a-12:30p (In-Class)

           *Thursday - Saturday 9:00a-1:00p CST (Virtual)

   3 Levels Offered:

      Beginning - Intermediate - Advance

           *Assessment is given at enrollment to determine the                  best fit (Must start at Beginning or Intermediate)

Recognition is Powerful
Each student will receive a Social badge and Certificate upon successful Completion of each session.
The YoungEntrepreneur curriculum is built to thoroughly cover the knowledge and understanding needed to turn ideas into solutions and solutions into businesses.  
"A new generation of entrepreneurs has arrived, and they’re already outperforming their parents."
Your teen could be next!
Our Subject topics and activities covered and included:

     Session 1 (Beginning):

         Introduction to business,  What are the different types of business, Requirements of being an                         entrepreneur, Common used entrepreneur vocabulary, Can my Hobby be a business, Common                     startup businesses, and much more


     Session 2 (Intermediate):

         How to start your own business, Critical business thinking, Critical business skills, Innovation skills,               Turning a solution into a business, and more.


     Session 3 (Advance):

         Business planning, Building a brand, Marketing techniques, Presenting the brand, and more.


     Session 4 (Project Incubation):

          Individual and team projects (2-5 students) will be created as businesses and presented at the end              of the session for a chance of winning a $200 "Continued Education Scholarship." 


                   *Continued Education Scholarship can be used towards any cost/fees including but not limited to, private school fees,                             college or re-entry into YoungCEO or YoungEntrepreneur.

                        **Should there not be enough participants to create multiple projects or teams, the individual project or team will need                               to meet pre-given requirements and expectations in order to receive the scholarship

                        ***Students may bring in their own business idea to develop and present in this session





      $200 (sliding scale pricing                      available based on                        income)

  Payment Plan:

       none available at this time


       potentially available

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